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Alyssa thought she had the best life. She had a loving husband and great family. Her husband was a c.f.o at a mid level compony. She was staying at home but was a lawer and continued to consult.
What she did not know that her husband was embeziling funds from the compony. She honestly had no idea what was going on.
She had no idea that he was doing this. She had no idea that there was an investigation. He knew that there was suspecion within the compony.an independent investigation was being conducted but he did not discus it with Alyssa.
She was at home. It was a warm day.she wore a white shirt and black shorts and was barefoot. She put her kids down for a nap. She heard the door bell ring. She ran to the door and opened it.
It was the police. “Hello!”she said.”alysia morgan your under arest. You are charged with acesory to frauid!”the oficer said.
She had to place her hands behind her back. She was escorted to lockup.
While there was no evidence that she knew what was going on.sense it was proven that she banifited from it,she was convicted of being an acessory. She was sentenced to a year in prison.
She wore the pink hospital like scubs and was barefoot. She got so wraped up in things that she did not realize that she had not had her period. When she realized it,she got really nervous. Could she be pregnant. If she was,it would be during her incarseration.
“Amy!”she said to her gaurd.”yes hunnie!”she said.”i need to go to the infirmery!”she told her.the gaurd aranged for her to go to the prison infirmery.
They gave her a full examination.”Alyssa ! You are indeed pregnant !”the doctor told her. She was schocked.
“Look lis you can request to move into the pregnancy ward. “Amy said. She decided to make that request. Within two weeks her request was granted.
The medical staff arived. She was placed in a wheal chair and was whealed into the pregnancy ward.
A nurse named katie entered. “Lis can you remove your cloths?”the nurse asked. She removed the pink top. She pulled it to her head and then took it off.
She then pulled off the pants. The paints had the tie. She was in her bra and panties. She was given a hospital gowan. Her hands and feet were placed in restraints.
The room was filled with pregnant patcients. There were nine other pregnant inmates in the room. They were in all different phases of pregnantcy.
In a way she had more fredom in general population. In other ways she had more hear. There were no bars. It was not a cell. It was a hospital.
She kinda likes being restraned.she apeared all conservitive,even prudish. She was traditional even ligalistic. She always had a bondage fetish. She was confident in control but in the bedroom she liked to be controled. When a female gaurd put her into the straps,she got turned on.
  Inmates in prego ward had to be bathed by orderlies. It was her turn. She was taken by wheal chair to the bathing room.
The orderly was named gina.gina was prety. She washed her thoughly. She seemed to enjoy wasing her privates. Alyssa did not interfere.
Morning sickness was not fun.it was harder in prison. Like many inmates in the ward she went around naked or just in a panty.
One night kathy came in. Kathy got on top of her. She kissed him.kathy had a pregnancy fetish. As there belies got bigger she got hornier. Alyssa was not a lesbian at least she did not think she was. Her time in the slamer may her reevauate that.
She gave birth to a baby girl. Sense she was only.there for three more mounths she was alowed to keep her baby before she was released.
She kinda missed prison. She liked being controled. She liked having her fredom taken away.she missed it. She fantisized about being a prisonor. It made her hot.