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I was sentenced to a year in prison . I heared horor stories about prison . Even low security prison were not fun. I did not want to prison but i had no say in the matter.
I was given a mounth to prepare. I got an information pack in the mail a week before i was to arive.i looked it over carefully.i dared not get anything wrong. I heared gaurds can get very testy.

It said i must shave all my pubic hair. It also said to shave all leg hair. I kinda enjoyed shaving myself . The feal of the razer was nice. I was told to pee siting down. There were no urinals and peing standing up was probibited.
It said i should rare sandles and casual clothing. On the day i wore a green t shirt,jeens and sandles.
When i arived i was taken to intake. Some guys wore shorts. Some wore swet paints. It was really weird. It felt so surel. My fredom would be gone for a whole year.
I had to sign in. We were taken to primary intake. We were told to strip naked. I removed my t shirt first. Then i removed my jeens. Then i pulled of my

We were all inspected. We all pased. We had to shower. I hated being naked in front of people. We were dried off with a towel.
Then we were sent to secondary intake. We were given the prison uniform .it was a women’s night gown.
I put it on. It was very soft. I kinda liked it. We all wore them.we had no underware. We could not remove the gowan without permission.
It was so comfortible. I did not want to remove it. It felt so nice. I think prison would be ok.