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“I’m dave. I was falsly acused of rape. I was unable to aford a good lawer. I was convicted and sentenced to 30 years in prison”
“After the verdict i was placed in restraints and brought to the prison transport. ”
“I was sent to a prison medical complex. I was taken to an exam room. I was taken out of the hand cufs and belly chain and uncle cufs. ”
“A nurse walked in. She wore a nerse uniform dress. She was very atractive. ‘Helo I’m Alison’she said. She made her i saw her boobs. ”
“Please remove your cloths!”she said. I took off the black suit jacket. I then removed my tie. I pulled off the white shirt. Then i puled off my pants and underwar.
I hated being naked in front of a stranger. I felt so exposed. I was very humuliated.
She took my vitals. Examoned my health. I wished i could have wore at least a medical exam goan but apearently that was not standard operating procedure.
” Ok i need you to play with yourself !”she said. “What?”he asked.
She opened her shirt and took out her boobs out of the bra. She even let me touch them. My thing got big.
Then she took out a knife. I screamed as she castrated me. I woke up in a lot of pain. I had a bandage. All prisoners convicted of sex crimes were castrated.
A slit was created that resembled a vagina. It tooks weeks for me to recover. I was diapered while i adjusted to my change.
I was then given drugs that made my boobs grow. I was given a bra. I was required to ware a bra. I would be punished if i removed it. I decided that i had better not.
After months preparing for my new life i was moved to prison. I was placed in an orange prison isue dress,Orange panty and bra. I was transported to edson corectional facility.
I was in the sex abuse section. All of the men were in bra. Some were topless except for the bra. Others had tshirts. Some had underware some did not.
I tried not to look. In my cell i could not help curas my boobs. I had to pee siting down. We could only read romance novel or fashon magazine.
After six mounths,new evidence came that cleared me. I was released. I decided to go though with sex change. I did not have any other option.