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Anne marie jonson was an asistent district atteoney. She was a tough prosicutor. It was believed she would be da,judge,ag or mayby even president one day.
That is except that street gangs have taken over the government.the new government has outlawed lawers. Anyone who was in law enforcement was arested and put in prison.
The day the government fell,she fled the citty. She managed to elude the police for a while. She was recognized.
She was cufed and draged into the center of the street. She was espcialy hated. She was considered one of the worst.
She had been waring a brown t shirt jeens and sandles. They changed her into a black bussiness suit and black panty horse she was known for.
“This is anna marie jonson!”a gang leader who clamed to be president said. There were boos form the crowd.
“You are charged with treason!”he said. They cheered and claped. ” Strip naked!”the ‘president said.
The crowd men and women cheared and told her to take it all off. She refused. They held a gun to her head. She decided she had no chioce not that this would save her life. It had a better chance then the other.
She took of the suit jaket. She then removed the tank top underneth.
It was a brisk day. There was a slight breze. She pulled off her black skirt.
She felt strange in just her underware and tights. It was a bit humiating. She fou.d it a bit erotic. She often woundered what it woukd like to be striped serched. She would enjoy it more were she not afraid for her safty.
A women in the audience pulled off her panty horse. She noticed she got a little wet. The women was cute.
Then she was just in her bra and panty. Someone tore it off her. Then someone else pulled off her panties. She felt so exposed.
Several gaurds held her down while several took turns raping her. Men women. She became very tired.
They put her in a hand cuff,bely chains and leg irons. They peraded her in the town square. Then she was placed in a cop car.the seat was cold. She was driping with bodily fluids.
The car arived at the prison. She was escorted though the men’s section. They enjoyed seing her.
Her intake was not fun. She was given a painful enima. Then she was given a diaper and told to put it on.
She was put in an adult prison isue sleaper. She was placed in a cell with ten women. Many she recognized. She figured she would be hear for a while.
After a few weeks she learned she was pregnant. She had no idea who the farther was. She gave birth to a baby girl. 
She was in jail for year and president jojo was killed and the new president let several prisonors go.
Ann marie fled with her baby to a far off part of the country. She started a craft business and stayed away from her old life.